Is bypassing Google Account Verifications legal.

Is bypassing Google Account Verification Legal.

Today Google Activation Lock seems to be something that no one is afraid of. In the past google activation lock would provide a comparable feel to Apple’s iCloud lock. More than 95% of Samsung users can not have their devices Google Activation Bypassed in a matter of minutes and all it takes is a connection to the server. Even Samsung has its own methods of dealing with Google Activation Lock stating; if you cannot remember any of your Google account information, you can send your device, along with proof of purchase, to an authorized Samsung Service Center.

Who is Island Electronics?

Island Electronics is a Caribbean born Cellphone and Computer Repair Technician. His goal is to share and document his work, research, and findings with individuals facing similar problems and are seeking answers. His passion for technology does not stop at repairing but leads to experimenting and learning new technology. Staying up to date with new … Continue reading “Who is Island Electronics?”

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