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Everything you need to know about UPGRADING your HP Compaq 6000 Pro

Before we think about upgrading our HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF, we must first learn about our system entirely. The HP Compaq 6000 Pro is over 10 years old and has been one of those system that targeted Schools and Businesses. On July 16th, 2010 the HP Compaq 6000 Pro was released and cost $899.99. Today you could pick one up on Ebay for around $ 40.00. This system comes equipped with a 240 W power supply which is propriety, This means that no other power supply is designed to fit this case. The maximum supported RAM is set at 16 Gigabytes of PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) DIMM, Which has to be un-buffered non-ECC DDR3. The best CPU available for the system is Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 Processor (3.0-GHz, 12MB L2 cache, 1333 MHz FSB).

GPU upgrades: There are limited options when it comes to adding a dedicated Graphics cards. The limitations are due to the fact that the system is a Small Form Factor, and not all companies make cards which are designed for these systems. Also your GPU choice should not need power besides from its PCIe bracket.

Here are a few options which we have tested in our system:

Geforce GT 710

Geforce GTX 750ti Low Profile

Geforce GT 1030 Low Profile
Geforce GTX 1050ti Low Profile Edition

Geforce GTX 1650 Low Profile edtion

When it comes to adding a dedicated graphics card to your system, its not a complicated process. For video instructions click here! Most of these cards are recommended to be used with a power supply rated at 300Watts. Our HP Compaq 6000 pro is equipped with a 240 Watts proprietary Power supply, but after testing the system with these cards for long periods and constantly checking the wattage use, you will not cause damage to any parts of your system.

Ram upgrades: The HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF Supports un-buffered non-ECC DDR3 SDRAM. It hosts 4 DIMM slots which each can each support 4GB PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz). This makes the maximum supported ram of the entire system to be 16 Gigabytes. Finding memory for these systems is kind of difficult because of its age. I have found a few RAM upgrade kits from the company A-Tech:

4GB Kit PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) DIMM

8GB Kit PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) DIMM

16GB Kit PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) DIMM

Hard Drive Upgrades: If you got your HP Compaq 6000 pro SFF from a company, it is most likely going to be handed over to you missing its Hard Drive. Companies tend to keep or destroy Hard Drives themselves when getting rid of old systems. I would recommend changing the Hard Drive if you happen to receive one. The drives are over 12 years old and because they are Mechanical Drives they generate much more heat and transfer data much slower than todays SSD and Hybrid Drives. Solid State Drives or SSD’s mainly come in 2.5″ size. If you want to add the SSD in the location of your old 3.5″ Drive you are going to need a 2.5″ to 3.5″ Adapter. Here is an example of a good Drive Adapter:

2.5″ to 3.5″ SSD Mounting Bracket

There are a wide range of Solid State Drive options. Here is the most reasonably priced:


Processor Upgrades: There are 15 Processor types that are compatible with the HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF. The lowest tier Processor is Intel Celeron 450 Processor. The best perform processor available for this system is the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 Processor, which clocks in at 3.0-GHz with 12MB L2 cache and supports 1333 MHz FSB.